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About Us

I, personally, have never seen a mother write the "about us" section of a company. But being the mother of the two men who founded sportsfiction.com, no one is better suited for the job. I was there in the beginning before the boys became men.

I can tell you how this happened. As boys, they were fascinated by all things superheroes, science fiction and sports. Their favorite color was superhero blue because it seemed to fit everything from football teams to science fiction heroes.

Of course, that also meant as a mother I never had one single, whole, blue towel in my house. The boys would rip them up, tie them around their necks and go running through the house saving this damsel or that commissioner. The older one completed his costume with green pajamas. He would come running through the house, to wherever I was, squat perfectly at his knees, with blue towel flying and annouce that he was whatever superhero was popular that week.

I used to have a hard time finding the youngest for he had gotten away from ripping up my blue towels, and was now into camo. I would have to pretend I didn't see him between the washer and the dryer, or under his bed, or stuffed into the linen closet. I'm sure you get the idea. That all came to an end the day he tried to use a blanket for a parachute.

As they matured, of course, all eyes turned to football. Oh, the screaming and wailing at the house on Sunday afternoons. They played in the front yard until it was dark. They argued over best teams, best players. Then came basketball season, best teams, best players and so on. Soon, they discovered soccer...well, I think you get the picture.

It came so natural for them. Sportsfiction.com. The idea of putting their two favorite things, science fiction and sports together to create wonderful characters and beautiful art. And that's how RomoFett was born and Jabba the Hut Hut and so on.

Now, full grown men, the "boys" spend their "playtime" working long and hard on this website. They have contributed all their talent and diligence to this project or as they call it "adventure". They believe in Sportsfiction.com. Their focus is on quality, design and, of course, having fun while doing it. If they can make one person laugh or tickle someone's fancy they've done what they've set out to do. So, I've said all that to say this. Please know, when you are at sports fiction.com you are not just sifting through t-shirts, but in a small way, delving into the dreams of my two little boys.